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ICMS projects capturesets of activities that (1) aim to produce unique interdisciplinarydeliverables (2) are time-bounded and (3) are part of at least one ICMS research program. ICMS projects relate to the six patient populations:

Spinal Cord Injury
Inflammatory Rheuma
Low Back Pain

Reuma en ik: self-management

A study about self-management strategies deployed by and for people with rheumatism.


Citizen Science, patient engagement and human centred design are key in health research and health technology development. From this perspective we, researchers from Sint Maartenskliniek, Universiteit Twente and Roessingh Research and Development, have combined their strengths in a study into self-management strategies deployed by people with rheumatism. In this study we engaged in a close collaboration with people with rheumatism. The study subject, design and methods of collection of data were all shaped by their ideas and suggestions, set against our scientific knowledge. The survey is currently online and over 300 people have taken part so far. Invovled researchers: Christiane Grünloh (Roessingh Research and Development), Rita Schriemer (Sint Maartenskliniek) and Ria Wolkorte (University of Twente)

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